Broken Clocks

A poem.

time is moving strangely
think I'll fix myself a drink
see if reality can catch back up on itself
one moment my brain is skipping ahead
annoyed & angry at the present
the next I'm walking underwater
brain ticking like a broken clock
and just when I go to catch it
and figure out what's going on
I look back and see that, yes,
I've been getting things done
part of my mind is broken, frozen,
always at a loss
I hope the rest of it doesn't follow
damn, how long has it been
since I worked for money
my life is on the verge
of collapse
my heart & mind are locked in
separate rooms
and need to merge
but then I get another perspective
and think I have a shot of change
of putting meaning in existence
and truly changing lanes
one time real, before real ends

James Lanternman writes movie reviews, short fiction, essays, and nonsense (politics). Reach him at [email protected], or follow on Twitter.