The CCP is Going for Gold

We don’t know exactly what happens when a power like the CCP wins gold in the World Political Olympics, and we sure as shit don’t want to find out.

What a year.

The air is thick with madness, all over the world, to the extent that it would seem perfectly fitting with the times if it was revealed the British royal family were, indeed, the reptilian creatures conspiracy sorts have for years insisted they are.

China has taken advantage of the pandemic, evidently seeing it as their big moment to TAKE CONTROL (“… of the virus,” I can hear Boris Johnson interject) after years of lining their coffers and building their power base. They are running around beating their chest, politically, like an ape presenting itself as the new alpha of the group. No apologies. And if things take a turn for the worse, this moment in history could well end up like the moment apes pick up femur bones to use as lethal weapons in 2001: A Space Odyssey, propelling things forwards, upwards, or outwards, into a new and unknown era.

Civilisation with an entity like the CCP applying its death grip on it, slowly tightening until it has an irreversibly dominant position, is not happy thinking. Not even for the Chinese. Who knows what path the CCP would steer the world down, exactly, but it would indubitably lead to a place dark and mired in despair. And one it could take hundreds of years to escape.