Future Head

Thoughts regarding a technique of riding a motorbike in relation to anxiety.

A basic technique of riding a motorbike is “looking ahead,” past whatever is immediately in front of you. To keep your mind focused ahead of your present surroundings a few ticks.

If you look to the road immediately in front of you while steering you will likely mess up the steer, lose your balance, and crash. It’s better to look as far down the road as you can, towards a more distant target.

In this way your body leans and steers without thinking too much about things. It gives you a smooth, balanced manoeuvre – executed as much by instinct as by thought.

In general, focusing on reading the road ahead, so a large part of your conscious brain is really thirty seconds down the road (or as far as you can practically plan for), is a good rule.

Similar principles can be applied to life, too, in situations that create anxiety.