Notes on Thinking Green

Baseline tips for living in an environmentally-friendly way.

Living in a way that causes less damage to the environment — and in other ways, helps to protect and sustain it — is a basic component of human life today. It demands our attention. As climate change continues, we can expect that to stay the course.

Bit by bit, thinking about environmental impact has changed the way I eat, purchase goods, travel, and generally manage my life quite a bit over the last few years. It’s a surprisingly fun journey down what feels like a meaningful path, introducing new and practical ways of thinking and decision-making that are rewarding and feel wise in their own right. And the principles you pick up can be applied just as well to other parts of life.

Most lifestyle changes to reduce environment damage are straightforward enough, and have become something close to common knowledge: minimise the use of plastic, the consumption of animals and animal products, lower the carbon footprint associated with travel, energy usage, and the purchase of goods. Recycle properly. Avoid wasting water.

Avoid waste in general, as a guiding principle.