Las fantasmas

Ghosts, ghouls, demons
Las fantasmas
They often come in
Screaming silence, hours
Of deep REM sleep
Radiating darkness
Waking up paralysed
Anyone in sight
Don’t worry, they have
No real bad intent
They simply experienced
Some horrible things
In life, unending pain
In death, and they want
It to be known
To share this with you
And pass it on
They don’t have a bad
Bone in their body
None at all
Their hearts?
Lighter than air
Travelling realms
Not meaning to scare
Wait them out calmly
A mind within a mind
Patient, silent, guarded
Imagine yourself warm
If you let one in
Others will swarm

James Lanternman writes movie reviews, essays, and moonlit thoughts. You can reach him at [email protected].

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