Trump, Zuckerberg & Dorsey: Turtles All the Way Down

Donald Trump's spat with Twitter may be a watershed moment: when business people took direct control of US politics.

During this storm of world-changing events, social media giants have found themselves under the glare of a very powerful light.

No, not the kind of “very powerful light” Donald Trump suggested might be shone into the human body to combat COVID-19: rather, Facebook and Twitter have been placed under the political spotlight in the United States.

This happened after Twitter flagged two tweets from Donald Trump as containing misleading information about voting by mail, including a link for users to follow and inform themselves of the facts.

Trump's response was typically venomous, threatening to pass laws to prevent such treacherous actions in the future, quickly bringing himself, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jack Dorsey into a political skirmish, or at least entanglement, that could come to be seen as a watershed moment in the US: the point at which any remaining line between business person and politician at the top of US politics became completely blurred.