Living Guide: Pandemic vs. Human Brain

Crib notes about the pandemic and its effects on the brain.

As it turns out, pandemics cause changes to the brain and its ability to concentrate, remember, and generally function as a squishy organ meant to perceive, process, and orchestrate interactions with the world outside the skull it resides in.

After stumbling happenstance upon various articles & factoids since the pandemic began, I have found that after reading up on things, my brain proceeds to un-absorb the information. Pandemic brain has hard time learning about pandemic brain.

This post, then, is meant as a reference and living guide, collecting and summarising things as I come across them. Crib notes about pandemic brain, for pandemic brain.

UPDATE — 29 June: added CBC news, “Why we're having weird, vivid pandemic dreams”

UPDATE — 16 July: added Elemental, “Tired all the Time: What the Stress of 2020 is Still Doing to You”