Living Guide: Pandemic vs. Human Brain

Crib notes about the pandemic and its effects on the brain.

Living Guide: Pandemic vs. Human Brain

As it turns out, pandemics cause changes to the brain and its ability to concentrate, remember, and generally function as a squishy organ meant to perceive, process, and orchestrate interactions with the world outside the skull it resides in.

After stumbling happenstance upon various articles & factoids since the pandemic began, I have found that after reading up on things, my brain proceeds to un-absorb the information. Pandemic brain has hard time learning about pandemic brain.

This post, then, is meant as a reference and living guide, collecting and summarising things as I come across them. Crib notes about pandemic brain, for pandemic brain.

UPDATE — 29 June: added CBC news, “Why we're having weird, vivid pandemic dreams”

UPDATE — 16 July: added Elemental, “Tired all the Time: What the Stress of 2020 is Still Doing to You”

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