Sketches of a Narcissist: Part 1

How to spot a narcissist in the wild.

As Voltaire said, “better is the enemy of good.”

In that spirit, I have decided to publish some short word sketches, in rough draft form, to encapsulate thoughts I have been meaning to write about for a while.

An attempt to get to the heart of a thought quickly, and get something published.

Otherwise, so many thoughts escape in the mists of time, never written about because there's never enough time to “do them justice.”

These sketches can always be spun out into something more later on, and I intend to come back to them to edit and expand over time into something more fleshed out.

Note: narcissistic behaviour is a spectrum, and people can have some narcissistic tendencies without matching the description below. These sketches describe the behaviour of “the narcissist” towards the extreme end of the scale, where they become active and destructive social predators, pulling other people into their games by design. The same goes for manipulation — on some level, manipulative behaviour is something we all display. The below describes an extreme and destructive form.

Below are a few snapshot impressions of how to spot a narcissist in the wild.