We Are Creating A Technological Nightmare To Live Inside

Let's inflect it into a scary-but-adventurous dream.

The pandemic brought us closer to and more reliant on technology than ever before — in a sudden leap.

Lockdowns made us funnel more of our lives through our internet connections, social networks, and phone apps, in work and personal life. Social distancing, the limited opening hours and capacities of public venues, and restrictions on numbers of people allowed to meet in groups pushed us to socialise by text and in virtual forms almost exclusively for stretches.

Measures have relaxed in most ways, but habits have changed. People are not living the same way they did before, whether or not there are restrictions in place. Living in pandemic has changed how people behave, and how they think. Many changes have blended into normality.

Among them, technology is more deeply embedded in our lives than before. Its grip tightened, quickly — which gives a clearer view onto its effects. A window through which we can get unusually lucid glimpses of what it is doing.